The Future of Human Resource Mangement -
From Automation to AI

The trend analysis for 2023 by Institute for Work & Digitalization (i:ad) and Haufe Akademie addresses the following four key points:

1.Digitization has significant impact on human resource management and is considered extremely important. In this context, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining increasing importance to make personnel-related processes more efficient.

2.Organizations that already use standard software solutions to support personnel processes also exhibit high openness to the use of AI in human resource management. This is confirmed in the areas of onboarding, performance evalution, personnel development, and personnel controlling.

3.The participants are generally open to AI and digital technologies in human resource management. However, they are critical and still cautious regarding their application in current work processes.

4.The promotion of lifelong learning and the creation of a learning organization are crucial to adapt to the rapidly changing work environment. In this context, problem-solving ability, dialogue and conflict resolution skills, as well as adaptability, are particularly sought-after compentencies.